Conversion Process

Multiple Layer Laminate

In the flexible packaging industry, the most common 2 ply laminates are a combination of different or similar films designed to provide a laminate to optimize the mechanical and functional properties of each film when bonded together. 3- Ply laminates are used to provide additional protection which in-turn provides additional barrier properties that the product packed inside requires. A typical example is ground coffee. Coffee is highly susceptible moisture. Since it is highly hygroscopic, the highest barrier flexible packaging barrier, al-foil is used as a middle layer to give the laminate a “wall” like protection. We are able to bond a host of different single ply films together to provide a complete bespoke laminate solution tailored to suit the final product of the customer.

  • Tea leaves wrappers
  • Detergent wrappers
  • Snacks wrappers
  • Confectioneries wrappers
  • Food packaging wrappers

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